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A Typical Day in the Life of a Camper

Although every camp is slightly different, there is a typical daily flow of events. So use this as a guide to help you imagine what a day on camp is like. The schedule is also usually adjusted for days that include a field trip or a special event.



All campers assemble in the dining hall to have their breakfast and to get a nourishing meal in preperation for the day's activities.

Apprenticeship/Sports Session

Campers would split up into their chosen apprenticeship and sports group. A camper might be interested in cooking and so he/she would head to the kitchen to begin the session. Another camper might be part of the filmmaking apprenticeship group, and so would gather his/her camera equipment and head over to start working on their activity for the day. Campers will also choose what sporting activity they want to partake in. 

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon session might commence with a group session on Reproductive Health, followed by a Character Building course, or they would be inspired by a motivational talk from one of our invited professional speakers.​ The campers wind down with a positive mindset as they prepare for the more relaxed evening activities.

Evening Activities

The evening Session would typically start with a fun game or outdoor activity. Perhaps on this particular day, campers would have a group competition and then watch a motivational movie.

Personal Administration

After reflecting on the day, campers are encouraged to take care of any thing they need to do before bed — wash up, organise clothes for the next day, tidy their room, etc.


Wake Up Call

All campers would proceed to the sports arena for morning exercises and a brief of the day's activities. 

Morning Session

Depending on the day of the week, we might start with a Self-Development exercise or perhaps a socio-cultural dialogue. After this first session, students will take part in their language class. This portion of the day is meant to awaken the students’ brains and get them alert for a full day of activities. The morning session also features a Tea Break when campers will gather for a light snack and are allowed some free time to socialize with each other and generally recharge for the next activity.


The morning is gone! All campers head to the cafeteria for lunch prepared by our seasoned cooks. They use this time to re-energise themselves and to catch up with friends about their morning activities.

Back to Rooms

All campers now head to their rooms to relax and unwind. Some campers may decide to take a light siesta before the Evening session.

Dinner Time

This marks the end of the day's activities. Dinner is served and all campers are treated to a well-deserved delicious meal after a long day of camp activities. Thereafter, campers would engage in a period of "Daily Reflection" where they would gather to talk about what they’ve learnt during the day.

Lights Out!

Off to bed early for the campers, to make sure they get a good night's rest, no doubt having dreams about the excitement that awaits them the next day.